Dear Members and Friends of the CIC-Toronto branch,

On behalf of the executive of the Toronto branch, welcome to the CIC-Toronto branch website.

The Toronto branch is a large and active community with a membership and programming as diverse as our fantastic city. We hold approximately 15 to 20 foreign affairs events during our programming year of September to June – in addition to our annual Winter and Summer strictly social gatherings. Our events range from single speaker keynote to expert panel events. All our events include a question and answer period and reception – providing an opportunity for those attending to ask speakers questions and network.

The Toronto branch volunteer executive is always looking for support in developing event ideas and engage members – as well as individuals interested in actually putting together an approved event! – to broaden the range of public policy discussion forums for our members and the interested Toronto community at large. if you would like to propose an idea for a CIC event or have a suggestion on how we can improve engagement, please feel free to write your suggestions to toronto[@]

All the best,

Jo-Ann Davis,

President, CIC-Toronto branch

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