Welcome to the 2010 – 2011 programming year!

It promises to be a busy and incredibly diverse one with plenty of headliner names and hot topics to keep you coming out to events!

As announced at July’s Midsummer Gathering, inspired by the National Office’s GPS report, the branch executive have selected the following streams to be our programming focus for the coming year:

  • Global Power Structures
  • Security & Conflict Resolution
  • Global Scarcity
  • Innovation & Prosperity
  • And a new stream – Global Urban Issues

In addition, we are starting a Research Group stream of events. More details will be provided at the 16 September AGM, and e-mailed to members and friends directly following.

Finally, we are looking to bring innovative thinking to the way in which we engage, and communicate with, members and friends throughout the year. Again, we will be providing more details in terms of some of our ideas at the 16 September AGM and will communicate directly with members and friends directly following.

Stay tuned for more!

For a list of both upcoming and past events please go to our Programming page.